Invisalign Harrisonburg

Invisalign has taken its place as a nearly ideal solution for correcting improperly spaced teeth. Although other treatment options are available, Invisalign Harrisonburg offers many benefits.

The aligners can help promote your oral health, in addition to being incredibly convenient and effective. Learn more below and contact us today.

Preventing Gum Disease

If your teeth are overcrowded or incorrectly spaced, your odds of developing gum disease will eventually rise. After treatment with Invisalign Harrisonburg, your teeth will be positioned correctly so that your gums fit firmly around your teeth, providing a strong shield against infections.

Correcting Bite Issues

The Invisalign system is able to correct problems like underbites, open bites and overbites. Overbites develop due to the protrusion of upper teeth beyond the bottom teeth. It often occurs because of problems like underdeveloped bones, poor oral health and genetics. The patient is said to have an under bite whenever there is inadequate growth of the upper jaw or overgrowth of the lower jaw. It can also be both. An underbite can also be caused by missing additional teeth.

These types of misalignments can cause the wear of lower teeth, gum irritation, a painful jaw, joint issues, and tooth dysfunctionality. Invisalign Harrisonburg is able to correct or prevent each of these problems and more.

Invisalign Harrisonburg

Correction of Overcrowded Teeth

If the jaw lacks enough space for the teeth to properly fit, overcrowding is the result. Beyond being unattractive, overcrowded teeth can lead to problems like gum disease, tooth decay, and plaque buildup.

Self-Confidence Boost

When you have crooked or overcrowded teeth, it is natural to feel somewhat self-conscious and lose your self-esteem. You may be reluctant to display your smile when laughing or eating. This is no way to go through life, particularly for younger people going through an awkward stage where they are hyper-aware of the way that they appear to others.

Invisalign Harrisonburg offers many benefits. There is no reason to suffer through a flawed smile when you have Invisalign at your disposal. Invisalign treatment will help dramatically boost your confidence so that you can be yourself when around others — laughing, smiling, eating and talking without being self-conscious about your teeth.

Comfort and Convenience

There is a reason why Invisalign is extremely popular: The system is safe, effective and comfortable in comparison to traditional braces. It uses clear plastic aligners that are virtually invisible to others. And it allows you to conveniently remove the aligners whenever you need to eat or clean your teeth.

Summary of Invisalign Harrisonburg Oral Health Benefits:

  • Gum disease prevention
  • Corrects bite issues and overcrowded teeth
  • Self-confidence boost
  • Comfort and convenience

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