Dental Cleaning Harrisonburg VA

Dental Cleaning | Many people avoid going to the dentist. The noises and pressure can be too much for some people. As a result, their teeth lack a professional cleaning. This not only feels icky but allows plaque and tartar to accumulate. This can lead to periodontal disease, decay, and other dental issues. Visiting the dentist is essential for your overall health. Clean, healthy teeth allow you to better chew your food and smile. Going to the dentist for a cleaning is simple and virtually painless, so make an appointment with us today.

What Does a Dental Cleaning Entail?

The first step of a dental cleaning is a quick exam. The dental hygienist will make sure that your mouth is healthy enough for a cleaning. If he or she notices significant decay or other issues, they may consult with a dentist first before proceeding.

If you’re good to go, your hygienist will use multiple tools to fully remove all debris from your teeth. He or she will use a mirror and a scraper to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth’s surfaces. They will also remove debris from the gums to keep them healthy.\dental cleaning harrisonburg vaWhile brushing and flossing at home daily helps remove plaque and tartar, it can still accumulate. That is why regular cleanings are so important. Your dentist uses professional tools to make your teeth much cleaner than what you can accomplish at home.

After this step, the hygienist will use a powerful brush to deep-clean your teeth. Gritty toothpaste will be used to scrub your teeth. This will help remove leftover debris and make your teeth extra shiny. Keep in mind that you should not brush your teeth this hard at home. Be gentle or you may remove your enamel.

Next, the hygienist will floss your teeth to remove food and other particles that may be stuck in between the teeth. Even though you should floss at home daily, nothing beats a professional flossing to get deep down into gums. Then, you will rinse out your mouth to remove any debris. You may be given a fluoride rinse to strengthen your teeth.

Final Steps

Finally, your dentist will come in to assess your teeth. He or she will look for cavities and assess your bite and jaw function. Your dentist may recommend special treatments or provide nutritional counseling to help avoid decay and keep your teeth as healthy as possible. Prepare to get your teeth cleaned every six months. Your dentist will recommend you visit twice a year. If you have severely decayed teeth or a chronic medical condition, you may be asked to come in more often.

A professional dental cleaning removes plaque and tartar and keeps your teeth healthy. If you are due for a cleaning, Harrisonburg Family Dentistry can help. We provide exceptional dental care for patients of all ages. Contact us today.