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Dental Implant Harrisonburg | There are many reasons that might leave you with a missing tooth among them accidents or removal by a dentist due to ailment. No one would be happy about a missing tooth. If you happen to have a missing tooth, having a dentist replace it would be the best option for you. The longer you wait to replace your teeth the worse it becomes even for your remaining teeth. Missing teeth have many negative impacts to your life and oral hygiene. There are several perfect options for replacing missing teeth like dental implant Harrisonburg, partials & dentures, and bridges. 

As far as teeth replacement is concerned, dental implant Harrisonburg has proven over the years to be the best option for anyone who is willing to replace their teeth. This is because the dentist replaces both the tooth root and tooth crown.

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Loss of Chewing Capabilities

In case you lose a tooth or more, you might find yourself having difficulties chewing some of the foods you used to love especially the most nutritious, this will definitely leave you with some nutritional problems which will weaken your body and make it prone to other health conditions. This is why you need to have a dentist to replace it with a dental implant Harrisonburg soonest possible, with which you can chew your food as a normal tooth would.

Potential Jaw Issues

Once you have lost a tooth, it leaves a gap in your jaw. This gap can damage your jaw bone causing bone atrophy due to inactivity, bacteria can also act on the gap left by the missing tooth causing osteonecrosis of the jaw bone. Similarly, the muscles supporting the jaw will be impacted negatively due to lack of stimulation that is brought about by chewing. Fortunately, a dental implant Harrisonburg can help. It replaces the missing tooth root and the tooth itself.

dental implant Harrisonburg

Social problems

Loosing a tooth, especially one of the front teeth can have negative effects to your life. You might find yourself unable to smile in front of other people. It can also cause you to loose your self-esteem and confidence. If this is the case, then you need to visit your dentist urgently to have your missing tooth replaced. We suggest inquiring about a dental implant Harrisonburg.

Word Pronunciation

When you have a loosing tooth, you might find yourself experiencing difficulties pronouncing some words. This might make you shy and unable to speak in front of people or even cause you to withdraw from public functions. If you are one of the very self-conscious persons you might even find yourselves avoiding some of your friends. Well, you should not let this get you down, you can have a dentist replace your missing tooth with dental implants.

Premature Ageing Appearance

When you have one or more missing teeth, you will find out that the cheeks will appear to be sunken and your face can sag. This will cause you to look older than your actual age. All these can be corrected by replacing the missing teeth with dental implant Harrisonburg.

Teeth Shifting and Misalignment

When you have a missing tooth or more, the rest of the teeth automatically align their selves to fit in the gap of the missing teeth. Due to this shifting of teeth you will find out that they wont bite down s they used to before since they are not aligned properly and this is definitely not a good thing. This can cause damages like chipped teeth which will be an added problem to your missing tooth and will be more expensive to do the re-correction. For this reason, we suggest a dental implant Harrisonburg. It helps to prevent unnatural teeth shifting.

Gum Disease

Cleaning of the gum where a tooth has been extracted is not a pleasing experience. Due to this reason, you might find yourself avoiding brushing its spot or even some of the adjacent teeth, this will lead to accumulation of pathogens that can cause gum disease due to accumulation of bacteria and other pathogens.

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