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One of the essential branches of Dentistry is cosmetic dentistry. Many people who visit the dental clinic daily go with the sole purpose of improving their dental and facial look. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on any dental procedure that enhances the aesthetic appearance of the orthodontal tissues and structures. Learn more about cosmetic dentistry below and contact us today.

Who is a Cosmetic Dentist?

A cosmetic dentist focuses on the reconstructive and restorative dental procedures to help the patient regain their once gorgeous and natural smile. Many people around the world face low self-confidence as a result of dental-related conditions and ailments. Commonly, cosmetic dentists correct discolored, misaligned, misshapen, and cracked teeth.

A cosmetic dentist has the knowledge, training, and skills that focus on the improvement of the aesthetic appearance of teeth and gums. Likewise, these abilities equip the cosmetic dentist with the prerequisite hands-on skills and know-how to best handle any dental aesthetic procedure or treatment.

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Unlike the general dentist whose scope of work and training does not focus on a particular field of work, the cosmetic dentist is well versed in areas enhancing the patient’s smile and facial beauty. In addition, the work of a cosmetic dentist promotes oral health and hygiene.  People with conditions that negatively alter the general appearance of their teeth, gums, and other oral structures always luck the confidence and self-belief in talking in front of others. The condition of their teeth and gums makes them feel ashamed and insecure about their looks. Cosmetic dentist ensures that the affected persons regain their self-confidence and belief. 

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Below are some of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures undertaken the world over currently;

  • Teeth whitening- also known as bleaching, the method is arguably the most common and basic corrective process. In brief, the procedure aims at removing discoloration from the surface of the teeth using specialized bleaching agents.  Teeth bleaching ensures that the teeth regain their sparkling clean, bright, and natural color.
  • Implants- the cosmetic dentist recommends dental implants to replace missing teeth and preserve the jaw bone. Artificial or prosthetic teeth can conveniently and easily attach to the implant, regaining healthy teeth function and appearance.
  • Dental veneers- veneers are custom-made medical-grade ceramic devices that cover the front of the tooth structures. The cosmetic dentist usually recommends dental veneers in cases of the cracked, damaged, or crocked tooth and applies the veneer on the front of the tooth using a unique adhesive. Overall, dental veneers improve the general appearance and function of the teeth as they mimic the natural color of the teeth.
  • Dental bonding- this procedure focus on the repair of damaged, crocked, cracked, and decayed teeth using specialized material. The dentist removes the decay and damage, then applies the enamel-looking material onto the tooth’s surface. Finally, the dentist shapes the teeth into its natural size and look

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Overall, cosmetic dentistry is a great way to obtain your ideal smile. Learn more scheduling a consultation with Harrisonburg Family Dentistry. Call (540) 209-8090 or schedule an appointment online. New patients are always welcome. We look forward to meeting you.